Manual Link Building – Is actually done manually!! (Video)

I have recently returned from 7 days working in our India office. Here is how I was welcomed to the office!!
Gareth Hoyle

Our Offshore Team

We now have over 50 staff working for us as direct employees - This is how we can control and scale the business we do for you all. We also have access to another 50 staff on a contract basis - you will never run us to capacity!!

We have 2 layers of management that work on quality control and ensuring that the projects are managed correctly and completed within the required timescales.

The Manual Link Building Process

As part of our commitment to transparency, we want to show you, our customers, how the processes happen and prove to you that it really is done manually.
We have broken it down into 4 x 5-7 minute videos - You can watch each for approx 1-2 minutes and you will get the general idea.
I filmed the screens on my iphone so this is not a professionally produced video, but this way, we give you a more real life view on how our link building processes work.

Manual Directory Submissions

Here we have examples of our staff manually submitting to web directories

Why does he not use the input text that drops down when he clicks?

It was early in the morning. 8 hours in to a shift and you could have 50 in there so it is easier to take the original from the work doc and paste it in - This ensures we use the correct title with the correct link - more quality control procedures.

1.36 - duplicate title in the directory - delete from the list - find another directory
Makes it harder to keep the directory list clean and reliable, especially for popular search terms like “SEO” and “car insurance” etc

1.50 - me slow speaking - cringworthy but they understand it that way!!

4.03 - link is awaiting approval - this is where we have submitted the link but it may not be live - The bane of all our lives when it comes to directory submissions!!

Social Bookmarking Submissions

Here we have examples of our staff manually submitting to social bookmarking sites

We splashed out on a nice monitor for this guy! We use powerful machines but a screen is a screen in India!!

You can see how delayed some of the sites can be. We ran a speed test on the net and we had 20gb (we have upgraded from standard Indian connection) across 45 machines yet still we are waiting for sites to load. This often delays our work - a part of the process many customers would not normally see.

0.15 - we have to log into every site

0.56 and 1.13 - forgot we were filming and spoke again - sorry!!

2.04 - A check is done on the URL to make sure it matches the one on the work sheet.

5.19 - a shot of the office

5.37 - @rhyswynne gets a mention!!

This is an example of one user name - we have 20+ accounts on all social bookmarking sites

Article Directory Submissions

Here we have examples of our staff manually submitting to article marketing directories

So fiddly - but if you do it long enough I guess you get used to it

0.52 - Software is used to open multiple URLs - The only software used in the process

2.55 - so many categories - it is done by a human - errors can occur but the reports are checked by a manager before they are sent out to the client

Admin and quality control - Our extra step

All submissions are manually checked by a manager to ensure the quality of the work

We also check that the links are live, going to the correct URL and we are not reporting out on duplicates.

This is one of the many ways we are different to other link building companies

0.38 - We come across an error - It is manually removed from the list

Understanding the process

Hopefully the videos above help you to understand the processes involved in link building and highlight the fact that we cannot just produce 10000 links to your site overnight - not that you would want that anyway!!

Feel free to comment with any feedback or questions you may have.